Ha! As leaders, when are we NOT under the gun? Every week is busy. Every project is urgent. But we can learn to step away from the barrel and steal away with our Father.

A few days ago the gun was pointed at my head. I needed to write a brief speech for a fundraising event, and my time was limited. I whispered a prayer and began scanning our Stories file for inspiration. Nothing. Not that the client stories weren’t good; I just wasn’t having cohesive thoughts about the speech.

So I decided to take a walk. Counterintuitive, because the last thing I had time for was a stroll through town. But I’ve learned that a change of pace, a change of scenery, and—most importantly—engaging with my Father, are the best ways to hear from Him.

I gazed up a lot during that walk. I noticed beautiful architecture gracing old buildings. Menacing gargoyles darting from roof corners. Carefree birds winging across clear skies.

My mind became clear as well. As I walked and talked with God, He seemed to say, “Review the stories again and look for a theme.”

Back at my computer, a verse came to mind and a fresh theme emerged. Yep. That’ll work. Thank You, Father!

What NOT to Do When You’re Under the Gun

1. Panic. The Father of Lies is notorious for shooting bullets of fear, doubt, and pressure at you. Recognize his lies and refute them with Truth. Your Father is with You; He’s your #1 Helper.

2. Cram. College all-nighters come to mind—forging ahead when your body is tired and your brain is dead. Resist the urge to soldier on, and ask God for His version of a reprieve. 

3. Settle. This happens when you decide your work is good enough and it really isn’t. Never settle for a solely human outcome. God’s input and outcome for your project will be far superior.

What TO DO When You’re Under the Gun

1. Steal away. Such a simple concept—to get away with God; such a hard choice when the pressure’s on. But force yourself, at least initially. It’ll become easier with time, and the rewards are unending.

2. Commune. Relax with God. Talk with Him. Listen to Him. Notice what He’s drawing your attention to. Let togetherness be your greatest expectation.

3. Be inspired. Being with God—on its own—is invigorating. It’s good for your spirit and your soul. Plus, I’ve found when I’m with God, His wisdom and revelation are with me.

Leaders cut their teeth on hard work, determination, and perseverance. These practices aren’t bad, unless they characterize a leader’s modus operandi. Jesus’ m.o. was stealing away with His Father. He worked hard and completed His earthly mission, but He did it in concert with His Father. He was rooted in His Father’s love, inspired by His Father’s vision, and energized by His Father’s Spirit.

“Father, help me to lead and follow like Jesus.”

“When you’re under the gun as a leader, step away from the barrel and steal away with your Father.”

- Lisa Hosler

How have you learned to find God in the midst of a crowded schedule? Feel free to share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

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