The Unexhausted Leader

A new book by Lisa Hosler

Paperback, 208 pages


The Unexhausted Leader

Living in the Secret of the Productive Pause

By Lisa Hosler
God’s pathway to productivity doesn’t lead to exhaustion. Leaders rally troops. They forge ahead. They take territory. And in the process, they burn out and miss the true territory God has for them. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And God doesn’t want it to be that way for you.

From the book’s author: “Jesus says to all of us, ‘Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest’ (Matt. 11:28 NKJV). Jesus’ invitation is the gateway to becoming an unexhausted leader. It’s how I moved from weariness to rest. It’s what transformed our ministry from busyness to an active awareness of God’s presence at work. It’s what drew us into corporate intimacy with God and each other. It’s what replaced our good ideas with God’s far more effective ones. And that’s the story of this book: the unexhausted leader and his or her team thrive in the presence of God, on and off the job.”

Filled with scriptural principles, personal stories, and practical application – this book will equip you and your teams to align with Jesus and experience God-honoring, ministry-wide transformation and advancement.

In The Unexhausted Leader, you’ll be equipped to:
• Initiate an organizational culture of honoring God.
• Be replenished as you and your teams engage with God.
• Cultivate authentic, life-giving staff relationships.
• Discern God’s will corporately for mission advancement.
• Experience personal and organizational transformation.

What others are saying about The Unexhausted Leader:

“In our performance-driven society, it’s no wonder so many Christian leaders are experiencing unprecedented levels of burnout. But is that how the Lord wants us to lead? Lisa Hosler answers with a resounding ‘No,’ showing us what it looks like to abide in Christ and allow Him to guide us toward restful productivity.”
-Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

“This fast-moving, refreshing new book written by a seasoned leader and engaging storyteller can help you identify weariness in your ministry pace, admit it, and do something about it.”
-Michael Martin, President, Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

“For Christian leaders, Lisa’s first book is as much a must-read as well-known Covey, Maxwell, and Lencioni works.”
-Jor-El Godsey, President, Heartbeat International

The Unexhausted Leader will deliver as promised—you will be refreshed, entertained, and infused with hope. But you’re in store for so much more than that! The paradigm of the productive pause will revolutionize your ministry, your business, your family, your church, your team. The hitch is you’re going to have to give up control and let Jesus lead. In exchange, you (and everyone who follows you) gets to enjoy a fruitful ministry without flaming out. Not a bad offer, don’t you think?”
-Debra A. Bell, PhD, Executive Director, Aim Academy

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