Most of us can finish that sentence – “If you build it, he will come.” It’s from the 1989 Field of Dreams movie where an Iowa farmer built a baseball diamond for bygone players. Despite its fanciful Hollywood plot, the phrase contains a profound truth. If you put intentional effort into something, you usually reap results. At our ministry we’re intentionally building relationships, and everyone is being edified.

That is, when we remember to do it! J Last week I walked into my office to find two close associates sitting at my table. They were all smiles because they could tell I had no idea why they were there. A few chuckles and ribbings later, we rescheduled our “relational community” meeting that I was in charge of that day!

Afterwards, I talked with one of the associates about just how busy this season is. She responded, “But think about it. Even though it has been extra busy, every season is really full.” And I said, “Yep, and if we didn’t make it a priority to deepen our relationships with each other, it simply wouldn’t happen – because there’s always something ‘more pressing.’”

4 Reasons to Build Relationships at Your Ministry

1. We’re children not commodities. At our core, we are children of God and not solely commodities to accomplish His work. Being children makes us brothers and sisters in the family of God – with lives outside of work, and families, and other interests. Everyone appreciates being valued for who they are and not just what they do.

2. We’re gifted differently. Another biblical metaphor is that we’re the body of Christ and we need each other. Each staffer has a unique experience with God and specific gifting(s). As you get to know each other more deeply, these will become evident and will contribute to the effectiveness of your ministry.

3. We’ve got opinions. In addition to our various giftings, we have a wide variety of backgrounds and divergent skill sets for decision-making. While it may take longer and be messier to give voice to others on your team, the outcome will always be stronger.  

4. We’re human. As human beings we have histories, joys, and burdens. There’s a very human heart behind everything we do and say. When we share our hearts and pray for each other, we feel cared for, we understand each other more deeply, and we’re able to engage wholeheartedly with the people and work of the ministry.

As God’s image-bearers, we’re designed for relationship – similar to the relationships within the Trinity. Just like there’s love, honor, and a knowing of one another within the Trinity, God wants us to value each other as human beings and as brothers and sisters in Christ. If you build relationships within your ministry, people will come and thrive.

“If you build relationships within your ministry, people will come and thrive.”

- Lisa Hosler

What’s one way you build relationships within your ministry? Feel free to share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

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