There’s no exaggeration to the phrase, “the right perspective changes everything.” Depending on how we look at a situation, it’s flat and lifeless or it’s got hope and vitality in God. But how do we find God’s perspective?

I needed God’s perspective after serving as a newbie among spiritual giants on a national leadership team. We were tasked with discerning God’s direction for a free-flowing time of prayer and teaching with 50-some ministry leaders. Sometimes I “over participated” – wanting to prove my value to the team. Other times I held back, unsure if what I sensed was from God. By the end, God’s leadership through our team was so obvious that I settled into a peaceful place of listening and sharing.

But it was an uncomfortable experience. I lamented to a friend afterwards, “Arrgh. I felt so green!” She said, “Green things are growing, Lisa.” And – Voilà! – my perspective changed. I accepted my inexperience and realized I would rather be green and growing than brown and stagnant.

3 Steps to Gleaning God’s Perspective

1. Acknowledge what you’re thinking. This may seem obvious, but before you can change your perspective, you need to identify what it is. What are you upset about? What’s troubling you? How are you sizing it up in your mind? Zero in on the crux of your current perspective.

2. Be attuned to others’ insights. Be vulnerable and share your struggle with trusted friends and associates. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we each have weaknesses, giftings, and various perspectives. God designed us to need each other. He’ll often use another person’s vantage point to help us see His.

3. Press in for God’s perspective. As distorted as our outlook may be, Jesus is full of love and understanding toward us. So there’s no condemnation coming from Him, but He will correct our perspective. As we spend time with Him through worship, prayer, and the Word, He’ll enable us to see the situation from His point of view.

Asaph spends 14 verses stumbling over the prosperity of the wicked in Psalm 73. His perspective was so negative he barely had the energy to think about it anymore. Ever been there? Here’s how he expresses it in verses 16 and 17:

“But when I thought how to understand this,

it seemed to me a wearisome task,

until I went into the sanctuary of God;

then I discerned their end.”

When Asaph spent time with God, his perspective radically changed. Initially, his feet were nearly slipping. After gleaning God’s perspective, he realized the wicked were in danger of slipping! He spends the rest of the psalm reveling in God. A 360˚ change of heart and mind.

Having the correct perspective is essential for godly leadership. Godly perspective is found in Him.

“Having the correct perspective is essential for godly leadership; godly perspective is found in Him.”

- Lisa Hosler

Think of a situation where God changed your perspective. Feel free to share your experience in the Comment Section below.

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