Too Busy Not to Take a Break

We’ve all been there. Work pressure mounts up and we kick it into overdrive. Forget breaks, forget lunch, forget getting home at a decent hour – “Whatever it takes, I’m seeing this through to completion!” While dedication is a worthy leadership trait, being overly busy for too long isn’t wise and can be detrimental to effective leadership. Taking regular breaks with God is a mark of a successful leader who has staying power – God’s.

I distinctly remember the first time I took a break with God during work. God had led us to actively honor Him during the workday, and I was worshiping in my office with a few co-workers. As we lifted our hearts to God, the stress I often experienced in my workspace lifted right off of me. I looked at my desk and my phone and my computer – the nerve center of so much activity – and nearly laughed out loud as God’s peace swept through. Twenty-some years later, God has taught us lots of simple, daily ways to stay replenished and strengthened in Him.

As leaders, our work can be fast-paced, exhausting, and exhilarating – all at the same time. Over time, though, it can take a toll on us and others. Let’s take a look:

5 Tolls of Excessive Busyness

1) Mental fatigue.

2) Lack of vision and creativity.

3) Physical illness.

4) Diminished connection with others.

5) Decreased joy.

5 Simple Ways to Take Breaks with God

1) Get up. Walk away from your desk or your project for awhile. Think about something else, or think about nothing. Give your mind a break, and allow God to refresh you. He may remind you of His love, or He may drop a great idea into your “now-freed” mind. J

2) Get out. Any time you can, go outside. There’s something about fresh air, the vastness of the outdoors, and the lack of a ceiling that allow our spirits to stretch and breathe. Take in the sights and sounds, and give the right side of your brain a chance to soar.

3) Look up. When we’re hard at it, we’re often zeroed in to a certain vein of thought. We’re intense, and we’re seeing things from our own vantage point. Lean back in your chair or walk around your office and look up to God. Talk to Him. Ask for His fresh perspective. Listen.

4) Speak out. If you’re like me, busyness can be accompanied by feelings of pressure – whether from deadlines or people or our own selves. When negative thoughts grow loud, switch channels. Speak words of truth and Scripture in your workspace for a few minutes until your mindset changes.

5) Be. Leaders can be productivity machines. Every so often, hit the pause button and just be. Maybe you’ll gaze out the window and watch a squirrel scamper across a telephone wire. Or maybe you’ll savor a favorite snack. Or maybe you’ll just sit there and be – a child of God with your heavenly Father.

We’ve all heard it said that God didn’t create human doings, He created human beings. But He definitely gives us life purpose and work to do. So in actuality, we need to both be and do. It’s best when our doing comes from a place of being with God.

When we take regular breaks through the day to be with God, we’re reminded of who He is and who we are in Him, and that’s the source from which our work flows. Regular breaks with God aren’t a luxury we can’t afford to take, they’re a life-giving necessity we can’t afford to miss.

“Regular breaks with God aren’t a luxury we can’t afford to take, they’re a necessity we can’t afford to miss.”

- Lisa Hosler

When you’re in a crazy busy season, what kind of breaks with God keep you sane and rejuvenated? Feel free to share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

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