It’s my conviction that the first priority of any Christian board meeting is to authentically engage with Jesus. The second is like it—to actively uphold the ministry’s mission at each meeting. Instead of assuming our mission is central at board meetings, let’s make it so.

As leaders, we distill our board meeting agenda to issues that rise to board-level discernment and decision making. And while our mission is foundational to those discussions, if we’re not careful, it can fade in our consciousness and wane from our prayers.

The convictions of a board of directors will eventually become the practices of a ministry. Here’s how it rolls out regarding the gospel, for instance:

1. God wants everyone to come into a relationship with Him through Jesus.

2. Board members connect with God and carry His heart for the gospel.

3. Board meetings include prayer and conversations about keeping the gospel central.

4. Leadership staff provide ongoing inspiration and gospel-sharing training for field staff.

5. Field staff provide ongoing inspiration and gospel-sharing training for volunteers.

6. Staff and volunteers, with spiritually-prepared hearts, readily share the gospel.

The reverse of this list is also true. God will always want people to know Him, but it can begin to break down at point #2 if board members aren’t connecting with God’s heart. And again at point #3 if the gospel doesn’t remain central. And so on. It’s a slippery, dangerous slope.

The mission of our ministry is to champion the gospel of Jesus Christ and the sacredness of human life through life-giving services, partnerships, and resources. Its two pillars are the gospel and the sacredness of human life. We keep them at the forefront of board meetings through focused worship, prayer, and conversation.

More recently, we’re including two new agenda items at each board meeting: 1) Gospel Focus, and 2) Life Focus. We’re taking time to discuss and pray about an aspect of the gospel and also the sacredness of life that’s current and relevant within our ministry.

How to Keep Your Mission Prominent at Board Meetings

1. Write down the core components of your mission, the foundational reasons you exist.

2. Talk with your board chairman about including them as agenda items at each meeting.

3. Prayerfully discern fresh and creative ways to engage with your board members around these core components.

Board meeting priorities are much like the two greatest commandments: loving God wholeheartedly and loving others. When we authentically connect with God at board meetings and actively uphold the mission He’s given us, not only are we personally refreshed and re-engaged—God’s life can flow through us to the people we’re serving.

“The convictions of a board of directors will eventually become the practices of a ministry.”

- Lisa Hosler

How do you keep your ministry’s mission prominent at board meetings? Feel free to share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

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