As leaders, our days are filled with conversations. Our spoken word count probably far exceeds the norm. And we can often take that verbosity right into our time with God. But sometimes, less is more.

God’s been slowing down my intake of His Word, and also the words I speak to Him. I’m not with Him less; just in a more focused way. I’ve been in Ephesians 1 for the past three months. Occasionally, I read through the whole book, but I mainly hang out in Ephesians 1:1-14. I’m still marveling at the usage of the word “blessed” in Ephesians 1:3.

Not long ago, a friend introduced me to Bible Journaling. It’s simply writing and illustrating meaningful verses, prayers, and phrases as you spend time with God. Below are two prayers I wrote during a retreat, after our group experienced a deep time of worship together. I expressed appreciation to God in the first prayer. And in the second, I asked Him to visit us again.

5 Benefits of Bible Journaling

1. It slows you down. As leaders who are learning to abide, we still tend to function at a high rate of speed. Taking the time to hone in on one verse, phrase, or word—and illustrate it—will help you downshift.

2. It takes you deep. If you’ve ever snorkeled, you’ve experienced the chaotic above-water world disappearing and a serene under-water world emerging. The same is true for this type of meditation. You’ll encounter deeper dimensions of God’s presence and perspective.

3. It focuses your mind. As your eyes are looking at the words and your hand is illustrating them, more of your senses are involved.  It’s a powerful way to ponder the meaning of God’s Word.

4. It anchors your soul. A friend once told me she felt like a hummingbird, flitting from one Scripture to another and never feeling grounded. Bible journaling can steady you, enabling your spiritual roots to go deeper into God’s love and truth.

5. It’s a ready reminder. Simply referring to an illustrated page in your journal or Bible will bring back a flood of memories of that significant time with your Father.

With the daily challenges we navigate as leaders, it’s easy to be lax in our relationship with God. We can stay in a single gear with Him and inadvertently drift off the road into a lifeless routine. The best way to get out of a spiritual rut is to take a risk and try something new. As our LifeSource, God has endless avenues for us to connect with Him.

“The best way to get out of a rut in your relationship with God is to take a risk and try something new.”

- Lisa Hosler

What type of Christ-focused meditating has been meaningful to you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

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