We’re familiar with this slogan regarding real estate, but let’s apply it to our spiritual lives. Specifically, the physical location where we regularly spend time with our heavenly Father. In any season—whether literal or figurative—let’s pay attention to where He wants to meet with us.

Our staff recently enjoyed a paid personal day with God (see my blog titled, Paid Retreat Days for Your Staff). At the beginning of the day, I felt led to relocate from my indoor “God chair,” to our back deck. Immediately, I was engulfed by the great outdoors. I could see for miles. I felt the warmth of the sun, the gentle breeze. I heard chirping birds, buzzing insects, whirring cars (which I converted to ocean waves in my mind). There was an occasional butterfly, a large dragonfly, and green all around. And then, God drew my attention to one specific object in our neighbor’s yard. I’ll tell you about that next week.

4 Benefits of Relocating our Tent of Meeting

  1. New blessings. The Israelites picked up stakes at God’s initiation, and so should we. When we heed God’s promptings—however seemingly insignificant—we receive God’s fresh blessings.
  2. New view. Let’s admit it. A same old, same old can creep into our times with the Lord. Our Father knows that, and sometime He’ll use different surroundings to help us see Him more clearly. (If it’s too hot, or rainy outside, try facing your chair toward a window.)
  3. New perspective. Jesus was famous for using parables about nature. It makes sense that He’d use nature to direct our thoughts toward Him in a fresh way.
  4. New direction. A simple change of location in your personal time with God can bring a whole new focus of study in the Word, wisdom to chew on, and guidance for the future.

Psalm 18:19 says, “He brought me out into a broad place.” A broad place—one that is spacious, wide open, full of freedom, and new possibilities. God is faithful to bring us to good places. Let’s be faithful to follow, even in the simplicity of a new place to meet with Him. Leaders who follow God’s promptings—no matter how seemingly insignificant—receive God’s blessings.

“Leaders who follow God’s promptings—no matter how seemingly insignificant—receive God’s blessings.”

- Lisa Hosler

How has a new location enhanced your connection with God? Feel free to share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

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