In part 1 of this series, we discussed why Jesus is the most important “ball” for leaders to keep our eyes on. Let’s talk about how to do that day by day. As we do, we’ll move toward the relational oneness Jesus invites us into in John 17 (see Malcolm Webber’s 3-minute teaching).

A Tale of Two Skaters – Which One Are You?

Jack wakes up with one thing on his mind. It’s race day – like every other day in his leadership life – and he feels the adrenalin surge. Never mind that you could also call it stress. He pulls on his racing suit, downs a protein drink, says a few words to his Coach, and he’s off. He knows all about efficiency and effectiveness, and he gracefully moves into top speed. At one point, he accidently clips another racer, but hey, that’s racing. Several times along the way he whizzes right past his Coach who seems to have something to say. But Jack’s in full-race mode with his eye on the goal. He makes it to the end of the race. Another day of ministry accomplishments. Another day of racing solo. Only later did Jack learn his Coach wanted him to adjust his skating gait and turn toward a different goal.

Jill wakes up with one Person on her mind. It’s the day of the big race – the meeting with the potential leader for her ministry’s capital campaign – and she starts talking with her Coach before her feet hit the cold floor. He’s not stressed, so she breathes in His peace. Actually, He’s not even in a hurry and they sit down for breakfast. As they lace up their skates and hit the ice, Jill marvels that He’s not consumed with the meeting. He chats with Jill, points out unique sights along the way, waves to others, and lifts Jill up so she can see what He’s seeing. Jill experiences an ease and effortlessness as they skate together. She enjoys being with Him so much that she almost forgets the important meeting. No matter, the Coach will be with her. They skate up to the candidate for her capital campaign, and the Coach guides her through the conversation. Toward the end, He prompts Jill to reconsider. They leave cordially, and the Coach talks to Jill about why another leader may be a better fit. Jill sees the Coach’s wisdom and is grateful for His redirection. Most of all, it was another good day with her Coach.

Truth be told, the reason I can write about Jack is that I’m natured like him. Fortunately, God is helping me to be more Jill-like. How about you? On a day-to-day basis, are you more of a speed skater or a figure skater? The biggest difference is your interaction with your Coach, Jesus Christ.

Shift to the Right Side of These Lists

1. Independent                                   1. Dependent on God

2. Focused on work goals                 2. Focused on the Lord of the goals

3. In a hurry                                      3. Keeping pace with Jesus

4. Brushing past Jesus                      4. Consciously engaging with Jesus

5. Stressed                                         5. At peace, trusting and enjoying

We were never designed to operate solo. We were designed to operate in tandem with Jesus – all throughout every single day.

“We we never designed to operate solo. We were designed to operate in tandem with Jesus.”

- Lisa Hosler

Jesus’ last words to His disciples were, “Surely I am with you always” (Matthew 28:20). It’s not a question of if Jesus is with us, it’s a question of if we’re with Him. Aware of His presence. Looking at Him. Facing Him. Being “toward” Him. Receiving from Him. Being loved by Him. Loving Him back. Hearing from Him. Obeying Him. One with Him.  

Let’s keep our eyes on the Prize. He is our ever-present Friend, Coach, Lord, and Reward.

“Do not be afraid, ‘Jack.’ I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward.”

Genesis 15:1b

In the midst of leadership pressures, how have you learned to keep your eyes on the prize of Jesus Christ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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