I’ve been reading John 13-17 for the past few weeks, and here’s an amazing truth the Spirit highlighted to me recently:

It’s a single word from John 13:1 –

“Jesus knew that his hour had come to depart out of this world to the Father.”

Did you catch it?

Jesus’ description of where He was going wasn’t heaven, or His heavenly home, or eternity.

It was “Father.”

He was going to be with a Person, not so much going to a place.

The entirety of Jesus’ orientation was unto His Father. He longed to be back in face-to-face fellowship with Him.

This is our best orientation too. Our salvation is relational—we’re drawn by the Spirit, saved by Jesus, born of God—living in Trinity intimacy. Our destination is the Father.

Both on earth and in heaven, our core orientation and primary relationship is with our Father.


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