5 Keys to Productive and Enjoyable Board Meetings

Be honest. Would you dance a little jig if this month’s board meeting got cancelled? Many of us would. Between conflict and monopolizing personalities, wrenched gears and spinning wheels – we can find ourselves longing for an all-new Dream Team board. But what if it’s not so much the individuals on your board as their mindset? Having a shared mindset of “Jesus in your midst” will absolutely revolutionize your board meetings.

I’ll never forget the first time we attempted to acknowledge Jesus’ presence at a board meeting. We decided to do it through musical worship. I came equipped with a CD player, a couple of songs, and a copy of the words for everyone. We pedaled uphill through each chorus, and everyone was relieved when it was over. It was awkward.

But we knew God wanted us to intentionally honor Him at board meetings, so we persevered. Month by month we grew more comfortable with worship and God drew near (James 4:8). He taught us to tune into His heart during worship in order to pray about ministry issues from His perspective. He led us to relate to each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, not just as board members.

Today, our board meetings (link to previous blog re board mtgs) are worthwhile and meaningful because they’re God-centered.

5 Keys to God-Centered Board Meetings

1) Actively Honor God. As Lord of your organization,God is worthy of a place of preeminence at your board meetings. You can exalt Him by singing, reading a passage of Scripture, watching an inspiring YouTube, sharing where you’ve seen Him at work in the ministry, and expressing His attributes. The possibilities are endless. Most importantly – He’ll receive glory.   

2) Engage with One Another. As the family of God, your board members are brothers and sisters of one another. That spiritual reality is foundational for effective board relationships, and you’ll want to foster it. You can invite each person to share a Scripture that’s inspired them, a way God’s been working in their life, or an area of challenge they’re facing. Affirm one another. Pray for a member who’s hurting. You’ll find your appreciation for one another deepening.

3) Join in Discerning Prayer. By default, we tend to pray from our limited human perspective. God hears these prayers and they’re not wrong. But He also offers us wisdom when we ask (James 1:5), and He describes His thoughts and ways as greater than ours (Isaiah 55:8-9). When you pray as a board, seek God’s wisdom, listen for His voice, pay attention to Scriptures that come to mind, and engage with the prayers of others. As you do this together, God will enable you to more fully understand His leading.

4) Have Robust Discussions. Robust discussions are both honest and honoring, with each person fully expressing their opinion in a respectful manner. Various giftings will emerge, which is cause for rejoicing not rejecting others’ input. Some people are strategic, some are heart-based, some are visionary. All are valid. When you create a safe environment where brothers and sisters can function as God designed, your discussions will reflect His multi-faceted wisdom.

5) Make Spirit-Led Decisions. God wants your board to know His will, and He wants to show you the steps to get there. Scripture says that together we have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16). When you pray according to God’s leading, search the Scripture, and discuss the issue together, He’ll reveal His will and enable you to make sound decisions – sometimes in a moment and sometimes over months.

Jesus in the Midst

As an understanding of Jesus in your midst matures within your ministry, it will become natural to honor Him, ask Him for wisdom, run ideas past Him, and allow Him to shape decisions. When we actively acknowledge Jesus in our midst, He brings His wisdom, love, and direction with Him. Everybody wins. Jesus is glorified. We enjoy His and each other’s presence. And the ministry advances according to His will.

“When we actively acknowledge Jesus in our midst, He brings His wisdom, love, and leadership with Him.”

- Lisa Hosler

In what ways has your board honored Jesus, and what’s the impact been? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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