Your schedule’s jammed. Your mind’s packed. And you’re headed into an important prayer meeting for your organization. How do you shift gears?

That was me a few weeks ago. There was no margin in the day, no time to take a walk before the meeting, and—truth be told—not much time to even breathe.

Another staffer was leading the meeting, so she laid out the topic, we discussed it a bit, and we worshiped.

Even so, it was difficult for me to engage.

We began to pray, and I waited as others started to interact with our Father. Little by little, their prayers lifted me. It was as though spiritual oxygen was wafting into the room as they praised God and recounted His faithfulness. A theme began to emerge, and my spirit began to revive.

Before long, I was hearing from God and able to participate. We had a powerful time of prayer, and each of us left the meeting buoyed up by the experience of talking with our Father together.

5 Reasons Leaders Need the Body of Christ

1. You’re not the end-all. If you believe your prayer and insights somehow have to be superior to everyone else’s, shed that. God is the end-all, and He distributes His wisdom and gifting through the whole body of Christ. It’s an easier way to lead—knowing it’s not all on your shoulders.

2. You won’t always be at the top of your game. Are you okay with having a bad day or being “off” a bit? If you aren’t, you’re somehow attempting to be super human. But you are just human, period. And God knew that even leaders would need strong, supportive comrades around them. David’s mighty men come to mind.

3. God designed us, including leaders, to need each other. Leaders aren’t the head of the body of Christ, Jesus is! So, we can take ourselves off the throne, and rightly fulfill our leadership role while making plenty of space for others to play their role. And we can cultivate a culture of mutual encouragement.

4. Staffers experience playing a key role. When you focus on your gifting and role, and allow others to function in theirs—they experience the thrill of fulfilling their God-given calling. Plus, you’ll experience far greater buy-in when others are invited to the table.

5. The outcome is exponentially greater. If one can chase a thousand, two can put ten thousand to flight. This biblical principle is true of the body of Christ. When staffers share in discernment and exercise their giftings, God creates momentum, synergy, and a final product that reflects His multifaceted wisdom.

When you’re maxed as a leader, resist the urge to camouflage it. Allow yourself to be human, allow yourself to be seen as human, and embrace the body of Christ around you. Leaders aren’t the head of the body of Christ, Jesus is! Be a leader who is real, and who is welcoming the body of Christ around you.

“Leaders aren’t the head of the body of Christ, Jesus is! Be a leader who is real, and who is welcoming the body of Christ around you.”

- Lisa Hosler

How is God teaching you to both lead and welcome the body of Christ around you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

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