A leader’s world can spin so fast there’s barely an opportunity to focus on God. But like Olympic divers who regularly orient themselves to the water so they can enter it splash-free – being intentional in our pursuit of God is essential to good leadership.

At our staff’s weekly Body of Christ time in early June, we read a blog that posed the question, “When did you last see the sunrise?” I couldn’t remember, so I decided to watch a sunrise a week through the summer. We coined the phrase “Savoring God and Summer,” and one of the ways we did that was by tuning into sunrises and sunsets. We took photos and shared them with each other. All summer long we experienced a mutual appreciation for God and His magnificent painting of the skies.

It culminated on a late August morning. We’d scouted out a prime location – a chapel overlooking a tree-filled valley ridged by a mountain – and prayed for a clear morning. One by one our cars entered the dusky parking lot, and we donned our cameras. There was laughter, awe, and camaraderie as we snapped away at the kaleidoscope sky. Afterwards, we reflected on God’s goodness over bacon and eggs before heading to work.

4 Benefits of Being Intentional

1. Receive God’s fresh instruction. God knows your world is spinning, and He also knows the specific way(s) He wants you to focus on Him in this season. Ask Him. He’ll speak to you as you quiet yourself to listen.  

2. Feel the excitement of joining God in a new venture. When God nudges you to intentionally engage with Him in a fresh way, take it seriously. Wholeheartedly commit to it, and watch it unfold into tangible blessings in your life.

3. Experience its contagious nature. God sparked a desire in me to slow down and see the sunrise, and it became a wildfire of staffers savoring sunrises all summer long. A former staffer once said, “God is never just doing one thing at a time.” His goodness is contagious.

4. Reap lasting impact. As you and your staffers seek and experience God together, you’ll form enjoyable bonds of friendship that will enhance your working relationships and advance the ministry.  

In the blur of ministry, it’s important to slow down and stay focused on what’s most important – God, and the people around you. Yes, you’re focused on the people you’re serving. But if you do that without continuously feasting with the Lord and your comrades, you’ll only have stale scraps to pass on.

Stay tuned to the fresh ways God wants you to encounter Him, and be intentional about following through on them. Invite your staff to participate. When you intentionally engage God with others, you’ll experience His exponential goodness and ministry advancement together.  

“When you intentionally engage God with others, you’ll experience His exponential goodness and ministry advancement together.”

- Lisa Hosler

Share a fresh way God’s led you and your team to intentionally engage with Him in the Comment Section below.

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