Most leaders are good at making pragmatic decisions. They do the research, list the options, and weigh the pros and cons. But does that approach yield the best decisions?

We were at a significant juncture at our ministry—so significant that we held a special board meeting to address it. There were three possible routes to take. We listed them on paper and discussed the merits of each.

Then we entered into a long season of prayer. Round and round we went—basically discussing it with the Lord together. Much of what we’d said earlier was repeated in prayer. But there was a humility and deference that characterized our prayer. A dependence, a neediness, a “God, help us.”

Toward the end of the prayer time, one of our board directors said, “As we’ve been praying, I’ve been sensing an interim step for us to consider.” He laid it out, and it resonated with everyone. As we agreed on the interim step, one of the three options we’d been considering rose to the top. 

God’s pathway emerged.

And we’re peacefully traveling down it.

3 Reasons We Weigh Pros and Cons

  • It’s logical.
  • It’s fast.
  • It usually produces decent decisions.

3 Reasons to Make Decisions with God

  • He’s wise. We can use our human reasoning all day long, but it never measures up to God’s wisdom.
  • Prayer is worth the time investment. Prayer is worth the time primarily because being with God is worth our time. His presence renews our spirits and reminds us of His faithfulness. Secondly, God guides us through His Word and His Spirit as we talk with Him.
  • His decisions are superior. God’s thoughts and ways are higher than ours. His aerial view is perfect, and He knows the path He wants us to take and the decision He wants us to make.

As leaders, when we’re faced with multiple options in decision-making, we often default to logic and human reasoning. There’s nothing wrong with carefully considering all avenues—unless that’s all we do. When we weigh pros and cons, let’s invite the best “Pro”—God Himself—to weigh in.

“As leaders, when we weigh pros and cons, let’s invite the best ‘Pro’—God Himself—to weigh in.”

- Lisa Hosler

In the comment Section below, relay an instance where you faced several decisions, and God specifically led you as you sought Him.

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