Nothing has quite the drawing power of a loaf of bread straight from the oven. The aroma finds its way to every room in the house, and every person in the house finds their way to the kitchen!

We had that experience at a recent board meeting – with the bread of the Word.

Our board chairman opened the meeting with Scripture, but in a unique way. He asked three people to read Psalm 147 out loud, each using a different version. If we were auditory learners, we were to purposely look at the words by following along in our own Bibles. If we were visual learners, we were to close our eyes and just listen. He encouraged us to discern what God drew our attention to.

The words of the psalm wafted through the room like the yeasty smell of bread. Over and over strains about God’s power, His sovereignty in creation, and His steadfast love cascaded around us.  

When our board chair asked us to share, our responses were beautifully varied:

“The part about God determining the number of the stars reminded me of the astronomers who pointed the Hubble telescope into a dark hole and discovered 10,000 new galaxies. They’d been there all along; God had already numbered them. It’s incredible how vast His universe is.”

“I kept picturing God on His throne, sovereign over all creation and sovereign over us.”

“When I thought of the vastness of creation and how awe-inspiring it is, I was drawn to God’s emphasis on what He truly delights in – people – those who fear Him.”

“Yes, I like that part too, and how He goes on to describe us as people who hope in His steadfast love. So it’s both an awe of God and an experience of His tender love.”

“I was struck by how God knows the stars so intimately that He names each one. How much more does He know us and every intricacy of our beings?”

“As I listened to the psalm over and over, I just kept hearing the word ‘He.’ God was at the beginning of almost every sentence as the initiator, the sustainer, the centerpiece of it all.”

Having relished in our own perspectives – and now having taken in the insights of each other – we were full. Satisfied. As though we’d savored a meal of the choicest bread.

Our board chair invited us to pray about the psalm, about the ministry, and to share any new thoughts. We prayed and talked together, and God laid out a fresh way for us to understand our current season of ministry growth.

5 Benefits of Breaking Bread Together

1) Just as there’s joy in sharing a physical meal together, there’s joy in the shared experience of taking in the Word. Each person is individually nourished, but you’re also experiencing the Word together.

2) “Oh man, you gotta taste this bacon horseradish dip!” If someone said that at a picnic, you’d probably scoop some up with your cracker. The same is true for sharing what you’ve personally gleaned from Scripture – others can benefit from what jazzed you.

3) Just as a chef delights in seeing people eat the food He’s prepared, God takes great pleasure in watching His children partake of His Word.

4) Sharing a meal of the Word together at a board meeting provides fresh inspiration for the rest of the board meeting.

5) God’s Word is a light to our path, and God will often give new direction and perspective for the ministry when you seek Him through His Word.

Just like we each have a favorite type of bread, we may have a favorite way of taking in God’s Word. Let’s break out of the mold and try the pumpernickel! Let’s ask God for creative new ways to feast with others on the Bread of Life. There are countless ways to take in God’s Word together – and limitless benefits.

“There are countless ways to take in God’s Word together – and limitless benefits.”

- Lisa Hosler

What’s one way you’ve spent time in the Word with your teams? Feel free to share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

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